Smart Geospatial Solutions

7Octillion is also taking up a larger client-base by using Geospatial solutions. We possess the expertise and technology to produce geospatial maps and datasets through GIS while leveraging web advantages of delivering application based solutions across all our business lines serving a wider customer base. We enable individuals across the organization to produce data, reports and maps easily and add their specific requirements to it. Ultimately, all procedures make us able to utilize the advanced GIS technology in a smart way to fulfill the needs of the clients. 


  • Our task oriented and streamlined workflows provide relief to users from unnecessary workload and make them focused on their efforts and what is important.

  • The simplest version of workflows and sophisticated tools provide proper guidelines to the users to execute highly complex tasks without giving up accuracy.


  • We discovered that adding GIS components will achieve a stronger more sustainable Circular Economy solutions.



Dalia K.

Founder & CEO


7Octillion S.R.O

IČO: 06931685

Karlovo namesti 290/16, Nove Mesto, 120 00 Praha 2

Czech Republic

Tel:  + 420 776631264


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