Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Solutions

7Octillion offers smart city solutions driven by our in-house IOT platform having special emphasis on efficient utilization of the public amenities and road infrastructure. We have wide range of integrated equipment like smart sensors, smart meters and device gateways that can be used for real-time monitoring of local water consumption, electricity power supply, traffic load and gas emissions. Nowadays, public safety solutions, waste disposal and IOT based public transportation have ability to set new standards for comfortable urban living.

At 7Octillion, we are offering a range of high tech IOT features for smart traffic lights, smart water management, smart parking, smart traffic management, smart building management and smart street lighting.

We are pioneers in providing the rapid IOT solutions including its open source nature that allows smart city integrators and device manufactures to build a range of independent smart products with full capability of fast processing and are fully compatible to integrate according to the needs of the clients



Dalia K.

Founder & CEO


7Octillion S.R.O

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Czech Republic

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