Aerial Photography and Drones

7Octillion is also providing customized aerial photography solutions. Customized flights are exclusively scheduled to cater the specific needs of clients whether those are Government, Semi-Government or Private clients.  Photography can be done from a helicopter, drone or fixed-wing aircraft, and in vertical or oblique format depending on the needs of the client.

Obliques can be either 'High' or 'Low', and can be taken as 'wide shots' or 'close-ups'

Technology for Property Control in the real Estate​

  •   Aerial Photography with UAV

  •   Creation of the DSM

  •   3D Model Creation

  •   Thermal Area Photography

  •   Multispectral photography

  •   Cadastral monitoring

  •   Cultural heritage survey

  •   Detection of violation

  •   Creating an information system

  •   Computational capacity of Photoplotter

Technology for Agriculture

  • Monitoring and land inventory

  • Reclamation work support

  • Quick vegetation maps generation (NDVI) and precision agriculture system support

  • Control of agrotechnical measures and land laws compliance

  • Agro insurance

  • Agro-technical support

  • Data processing Agisoft Photoscan

  • PhotoScan output data

  • Root-crops volume measuring

  • Relief Analysis

  • UAS land inspection and inventory

Technology for the Environment

  • Oil spill monitoring

  • Forest coverage defining in GIS Sputnik

  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

  • Illegal felling monitoring

  • Illegal landfill monitoring

  • Wild fire monitoring

  • Marshiness area detection

  • Flooding area detection

  • Conformity Assessment of operations to the environmental standards


We are equipped with high quality drone fleet having following characteristics for video capturing:


Video Technical Characteristics





Panoramic Photos

We provide colorful panoramas taken with a special panoramic camera unlike other providers that take multiple photos and stitch them together to create a panoramic image. We have a range of specialized panoramic cameras having ability to capture the high-resolution colorful panoramas. The result is a fantastic image, rich in color and drama and off course without the artifacts that can show up from merged image layers.​ 



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