Supervision and Consultancy Services

7Octillion provides the supervision and consultancy services across all our business lines in order to make our clients complete their projects on time with high-level quality assurance in the following fields.

  •           Supporting the smart development process for Cities

  •           Development of Town Planning strategies and Policies

  •           Integrating and balancing the development process between large cities and     small & medium cities

  •           Internet of things, AI and smart solutions

  •           Smart Hydrology services

  •           Drone solutions for complex scenarios

  •           Smart Traffic Services (command and control solutions)

  •           Smart geospatial solutions

  •           Policy Making and Capacity Building

  •           Training


&Octillion is fully ready to ensure the successful accomplishment of projects of our clients in all stages in a meaningful way, within budget, with high quality assurance and state of the art standards.



Dalia K.

Founder & CEO


7Octillion S.R.O

IČO: 06931685

Karlovo namesti 290/16, Nove Mesto, 120 00 Praha 2

Czech Republic

Tel:  + 420 776631264


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