Circular Economy and GIS Consulting Services

At 7Octillion, Circular Economy Consulting Services rendered to help the clients in defining and driving a circulation approach into business and progress measurement.

Our highly qualified and fully professional team along with our partners are continuously compiling the outcomes on exciting circular economy success stories and benefiting from best practice. During project implementation we start with policy changes and draft a nationwide state of the art transformation plan that starts with clear quick wins.

An Introduction to GIS in Circular Economy

As the world is moving towards circular economy where the consumption based on services instead of physical limited consumables. We help Corporations shift their operational and revenue models to embrace the circular economy way.

The five business models of circular economy explained hereunder:

1.    Product life enhancement

2.    Products as services

3.    Platform sharing

4.    Renewability

5.    Efficiency & recycling of resources

6.    GIS Solutions to support the transformation

7.     Knowledge transfer and Citizen Education

We provide an outlook for businesses in the circular economy to be highly productive and add our GIS expertise to make it more powerful. We know the needs of innovative types of operational procedures required to ensure materials and value keep in circulation for the longest possible period with nominal leftover.



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