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In order to resolve the common problems of modern environment, 7Octillion is striving to involve citizens in the policy making process. With having this objective in mind, 7Octillion launched the mobile app voting policy that combines Mobile and Voting together.

The policy goals of the Citizens Voice are as follows:

1. Sharing Policy Making Process with Citizens

Clear dissemination of information and enabling citizens’ involvement in certain policy matters. 

2. Promoting Participation of Citizens in the Policy Making Process

Refining general public performance by using public-private working relationship that could be on a national, regional or municipal level.

3. Enhancing the Quality of Public Policy

Interactive Communication Process of Policy
Resident Involved Policy discussions and decision making 
Furthermore, this policy engages citizens to vote on policy matters as well as everyday urban life matters. The App has a user-friendly interface that is accessible on a personal computer and a smartphone.

On the other hand, the traditional opinion gathering methods like face-to-face dialogs, faxes, telephones and letters are still the core means for evaluating the opinions of the citizens.

Our voting app has integration capacity with traditional means to deliver service through various channels. Furthermore, our app is fully capable of fulfilling citizens’ expectations throughout the policymaking process of the government and boosts quality by providing speed, approachability and participation of citizens with limited resources.

The App is downloadable onto Android or iPhone, and citizens can use the app to register, cast their votes and communicate and be up to date with the government activities and policies. A single authentication of phone number and registration of password are required.

PC Voting

We have also developed a website for those who do not possess a smartphone that facilitates citizens to vote through their PCs.

PC voting app is available for mass voting or particular targeted voting.



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